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Emergency Stitch Clinic

There are times we all need help with our stitching. It may be between your regular class schedule time or you may not be in a class but just need a little guidance here and there. Many times it is more than just a quick fix such as picking up a dropped stitch.

We want you to feel when you walk in the door that there is some one qualified to help you and spend a few minutes with you to get over that hump but we may not be available to help throughout the day. This is discouraging to you and us. So welcome to our Emergency Stitch Clinic!

We have dedicated an experienced instructor to be "on call" for your emergencies for a scheduled one hour block each day. We have developed a card that we will keep here at the store which entitles you to 10-15 minute lessons for $50.00. This card never expires!

How does it work? Come in to purchase a card. We will keep it on file. When you have an issue come in during the designated times to get help. We will keep track of the time. Need more than the block of 15 minutes? You are welcome to use any amount of the 15 minute blocks during the designated hour(s) for that day. You may have fellow stitchers with you or may have one on one time depending who needs help that day.

This allows you to not feel awkward coming in many times in a week or in-between class times so you can keep on stitching!

We also have a card we will hand out when you purchase your Emergency Stitch Clinic card with the hours on it for each day. Hours will soon be posted to our website also.

Here are the times:

Tuesday 12-1
Wednesday 12-1 and 5-6 PM
Thursday 12-1 PM
Friday 12-1 PM and 3:30-4:30 PM
Saturday 11AM-12 Noon

When registering for a workshop or class please check your calendars. Registration is required to attend. Call 508-647-4722 or email (info@ironhorsefiberart.com) to reserve your spot. We do need payment in full for your registration to be complete. We are unable to give refunds for sessions not attended. Due to the limited time and availability of our instructors there are no make up sessions unless Iron Horse has had to cancel.

Scheduled weekly sessions - please look at a calendar when we have scheduled the weekly sessions

These classes are structured for the beginner to advance knitter or crocheter for instruction and guidance by an experience instructor as well as developing a sense of community with the people sharing the table. Each participant works on a project that they individually chose. We adhere to a set schedule for these class to keep consistence for students and instructors alike. A calendar is available at the shop with the posted schedules for classes.

We advise you on a project of your choice and work on it at your own pace! Everyone could be working on something different!

Class week sessions are set by the store. Fee for 6 week classes: $120.00. 5 week class: $100.00 4 week classes: $80.00 3 week classes $60.00

  • Tuesday 10-12 noon or 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Wednesday 10-12 or 1:00-3:00 pm or 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Thursday 10-12 noon or 1:00-3:00 pm or 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Saturday 9:00-11:00 am or 1:00-3:00 pm

Please look at your calendars carefully! Due to scheduling constraints and instructors limited schedules, there are no make ups or switching to other class time or day during a session.

If you are thinking of joining us but the session has already started or you can't commit to the full session, need a session to help with mistakes, DROP IN's are welcome on a first come, first served basis, please call first. We ask that you call at least 24 hour in advance. If we are closed, we will call you back as soon as we receive your message! $25 per session. Class fee is to be paid at beginning of class.

Fix Your Mistakes Workshop

1 - 2 hour session

One of the most complicated task to knitting is to learn to read your own knitting and to fix any mistakes that you may find. It can also be the most frustrating aspect to knitting! Let us help to take out the frustration and build your skills. During this two hour session we will examine mistakes and how to fix them, offering possible solutions without having to rip out the whole piece. Learn to pick up stitches if the piece does have to be taken off the needles.

There is homework prior to the workshop. Using a worsted weight yarn out of your stash, making two five inch by five inch sample with two different pair of needles. Do not use a novelty yarn. Gauge is NOT important. One should be in garter (all knit rows) stitch and a second sample should be knit in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row), making mistakes on purpose along the way! Do not bind off, keep each sample on the needles.

Minimum participants: 4 Maximum: 6 people.

Course fee:  $30.00

Ravelry 101

1.5 hour one time workshop

Don't know what Ravelry is? Get confused when you go to the site? It has had so many changes and improvements over the past few years we thought it was time again to have a Ravelry Workshop!

Wonder what the "tags" are for? Wonder how to find a pattern for your yarn?

Found a pattern you like but don't know what yarn to use?

Want to know how to use your library or organize your projects or your "favorites"? This workshop will help you work through the Ravelry maze and make the most of your Ravelry experience.This is a basic level course. If looking how to load photos and more advance techniques, read below to Raveley 201.

Skill level: Know your equipment. Beginners to Ravelry.

Limit of 6 participants.

Materials: Your ipad, tablet or laptop fully charged!

Course Fee: $25.00


6 weeks- 2 hours a week course

We are all looking forward to warmer, sunny weather but until we are ready to be in our garden's or on the beach let's make that cute little "go to" sweater that will fit you beautifully!

Amy Herzog's CustomFit program is all about making the perfect sweater that fits YOU! Many people are afraid or frustrated when they take the time, effort and money to make a sweater and then it doesn't fit! No more!

What is a CustomFit Workshop?

Our six session workshops are for those who would like the structure in having the overview of Amy's program, have your measurements taken, help with yarn choices and learn how to swatch for CustomFit and then be able to continue in four other class times to work on your sweater at home and within the two hour weekly session to complete your perfect fitting sweater.

Minimum of 4 participants with a maximum of 6 students with two instructors for the first two sessions of the workshop.

Course Fee: $125.00 - including measurements, one CustomFit pattern ($10 value) and guidance.

You must register in advance. Please call to reserve your spot.

Ravelry 201

1.5 hour- one time workshop 

Ravelry 201 will get you into more of the knitty gritty of how to further organize your yarns, projects and so much more. We also will guide through some of the intricate searches that can be done. Discuss loading your project photos up and more.

This class is more for an advanced beginner - someone who is on Ravelry already, has used it to search patterns, post their finished objects but might new more help.

Materials: Bring your own fully charged laptop or tablet device, fully charged. Be sure to have your Ravelry ID and password handy. Also, you may want to have a pen/paper for note-taking if you wish.

Course Fee: $25.00

This class will be limited to 6.


Have you ever wanted to make notes on a pattern you downloaded from Ravelry to your iPad, tablet or laptop?

 2 hr-one time workshop

Goodreader is an app (available for a small fee) that allows you to import your Ravelry downloads and then make notes as you work. You can highlight sizes and key directions, type or write notes for future reference, and you can build a library of patterns to have readily accessible when you might not have wifi.

Before the class, be sure to download Goodreader, have a Ravelry account and have a few patterns in your Ravelry library (if you want add free patterns). Lastly, be sure device is fully charged!

Class size will be limited to 6 participants - call or email to reserve your space.

Course Fee: $30.00

Learn how to weave on a rigid heddle loom

(Ashford's Knitter's 12" Knitter's loom will be used)

Always wanted to learn how to weave without the expense of owning a floor loom? Have lots of yarn left over from knitting or crochet projects? Weave on a rigid heddle loom is fast, easy and a great way to use up some of those great yarns!

In this one day course participants will learn how to warp a rigid heddle loom using worsted weight yarn, discuss shrinkage, change colors when warping and weaving, weave a simple twill pattern and tie off your piece to take home to wash!

Looms and shuttles will be provided. Bring to the workshop several colors of worsted weight yarn (approximately 300-350 yards will be used), scissors , a note book, T pins, and a tapestry needle. A 30 minute break will be provided. Please bring a bagged lunch and something to drink.

Workshop fee: $110.00
Minimum participants: 3 
Maximum participants: 4

This is a one day - 7 hour course, including the use of a loom usually on a Sunday 9-4.

Happy Feet Sock - Beginner Workshop

  4 week-2 hours per week workshop

and knitted socks will make your feet feel messaged as well as warm, wicking away any moisture. Ever wanted to knit socks but were intimidated by double point, thin yarn or reading a pattern? Let's get rid of those fears and get knitting a very portable, fun item that everyone can wear. A basic ribbed pattern created by Debbie will be used in the workshop.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of knit and purl stitches. We will instruct on how to knit in the round if unfamiliar.

One skein of 375-400 yards of sock weight yarn and US#2 double pointed needles or needles for gauge are needed. We appreciate materials for the workshop being purchased at Iron Horse.

Course Fee:  $110.00 includes the pattern

Northman Mitten Workshop

5 week -2 hrs per week workshop

Join us for a workshop in working a two color, lined mitten. Everyone can wear mittens. They are warmer than gloves! The extra bonus is these mittens are lined. Great for walking the dog in the cold winter or even just a winter stroll.

What better project to learn color work knitting? The participant will learn how to carry two colors and not get tangled up.

The magic loop technique will also be taught! Double point or two circular needles may be used, if preferred.
Materials: We will supply the pattern. Two skeins of Ultra Alpaca in two contrasting colors and 2 skeins of Ultra Alpaca Light for the lining. US 3,4,5 40” circular needles.

Course Fee:  $125.00 fee includes the pattern.  Yarn and Needles extra.

Cancellation Policy:  Please look at your calendars carefully.  We do not offer make up sessions or refunds for missed classes by participants.  If we have to cancel due to being unable to provide an instructor, we will hand out class vouchers that may be used towards any future class or workshop within six weeks of the cancellation. Cancellation due to inclement weather or power outrages are beyond our control.  Please call or email to inquire if we are open.

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